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《Pigai Service Agreement》

Pigai Registration Agreement
Terms of Service
1. Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the Terms of Service
   The ownership and operation right of various e-services within vest in the Word Network Technology Co, Ltd, Beijing (hereafter referred as the Word Network Company for short). This Agreement, which is legally enforceable, serves as the agreement between you and the Word Network Company when you use In case of any dispute in this Agreement, the Word Network Company reserves the right of final interpretation.
2. Rights and Obligations of Users 
All the users shall abide by the following rules:
   - to abide by all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices of the use of network services;
   - not to engage in illegal activities with this website ;
   - not to interfere or violate the normal operation of this website and the regular use by other users;  
All the users shall also make commitments:
   - not to transmit any information that is unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene;
   - not to transmit any material that abets illegal and criminal acts;
   - not to transmit material that is against national solidarity and social stability;
   - not to transmit any material or information that does not comply with laws and regulations of the State;
    Any breach of the above two stipulations by the user will lead to the immediate canceling of the user qualification by with its independent judgment. Users should assume full legal responsibility for their illegal acts via the Internet. 
Based on the specificity of network services, users shall agree:
   - to provide accurate user names, passwords, as well as detailed personal information when you register under registration instructions;
   - in case of any changes in personal registration information, users shall update registration information timely so as to ensure detailed and accurate personal data. All personal information input by the user will be deemed as an accurate indication of the user’s identity, and serve as valid basis of all services provided by this website.
   - user shall voluntarily equip with necessary online devices, including personal computers and Internet access devices;
   - user shall independently cover the charges in Internet telephone, Internet information, and educational information arising from the use of such access.  
User's name and password
   - After successful registration and becoming official users of, users shall take full responsibility for the security of your user name (also known as account) and password. User password can only be held by the user himself.
   - With regard to various loss resulting from the leak of accounts or passwords by the user himself, does not assume any responsibility. Users, if finding any illegal use of user accounts, shall notify immediately.
   - Users shall be responsible for all activities and events related to the user's name.
   - A user account can only be used by one user, and several users are not allowed to use the same user account. 
3. Rights and Obligations of the Word Network Company
   The Word Network Company makes constant efforts to innovate in order to provide you with the best possible experience. You acknowledge and consent that the form and nature of services provided by the company may change from time to time without prior notification to you.
   The Word Network Company may regularly or periodically repair or maintain the platform or related equipment that provides services, so you shall offer your understanding if such situation causes the interruption of service.
    You shall acknowledge and consent that the Word Network Company can independently decide to stop (permanently or temporarily) providing services to you or all the users without prior notification to you.
   The Word Network Company reserves the right to release commercial ads in the website of 
   The copyright of works in any form of performance (including but not limited to text, software, audio, image, video, chart, and e-mail, etc.) within the website of is shared by the copyright owner and the Word Network Company. Any user shall not duplicate or copy any information of the website in any form without prior authorization or engage in activities in violation of Copyright Act. Individuals and organizations in violation of intellectual property rights of this website shall be subject to civil or criminal liability by the Word Network Company and the copyright owner of the works. 
   Our website enjoys the right of oversight and guidance to users’ online activities, and has the right to terminates all the services for users who have engaged in illegal online activities. 
   Our website enjoys the exclusive rights to publish, distribute and reproduce the works that are released by the users on the Internet for learning and communication. 
   Disclaimer: Our website cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of all the information, so it is for reference only. Our website assumes no liability for any loss due to the use of this website. If parts of information on this website infringe your copyright, please contact us and we will delete relevant information immediately. Our website are not responsible for the web pages and contents for links in other websites that are not under the control of ours.
4. Confidentiality Duty 
  This website shall strictly comply with users’ personal privacy obligations, and promise not to announce, edit, or disclose users’ personal information, except for the following circumstances:     - is entitled by users to disclose such information;  
   - User' ersonal data has to be disclosed by our company under the requirements by relevant laws and legal procedures; 
   - Where any emergency that has to maintain the security of individual users, other social individuals and the whole community happens. 
5. Limitation of Liability
   To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall the Word Network Company be liable for any incidental, indirect, or special damages or requests arising out of the use of the software or in any aspects related to the products and services of the company (including but not limited to the loss compensation for personal injury, privacy leak, failure to assume any responsibilities for integrity or reasonable caution, negligence or any other pecuniary loss and as well as any other losses).
6. Change in Services
   The Word Network Company reserves the rights to change, interrupt or terminate services at any time without prior notification to users. Where users accept such rights to change, interrupt or terminate the services of the company, the Word Network Company shall not be liable for users or the third party.
7. Modification and Improvement of Terms of Service 
   7.1 may, based on the development of the Internet and changes in laws and regulations, unilaterally modify the Terms of Service if necessary. We reserves the right to change the website, the above copyright and disclaimer provisions at any time.
   7.2 Where the Terms of Service changes, the modification will be noted on important pages. Users who disagree to such changes may give up the access to our network services. Users who continue to use the network services are deemed to have accepted the changes to the Terms of Service. If any dispute occurs, the new Terms of Service shall prevail.
8. Indemnities
   Users shall agree to safeguard and preserve the interests of the company and be responsible for the payment for lawyer fees, compensation for the damage, penalties from government organs and other compensation for infringement of rights, etc. due to users’ violation of this Agreement and/or any other terms of service. 
9. Laws 
   The Terms of Service is formulated in accordance with current laws and regulations of People's Republic of China. Where the service terms of Pigai do not comply with laws of People's Republic of China, such provisions will be reinterpreted according to law, and other provisions hereof remain legally binding to Pigai and its users.